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I have curated one of five compilations to celebrate Hibernate Recordings’ 50th release, and it’s free to download from bandcamp.

To celebrate our upcoming 50th (hb50) release with Antonymes we asked 5 hibernate artists to each compile an album made up of 10 of their favourite tracks from our back catalogue and we’re making all 50 tracks available as a free download. Please consider making a small donation or share on your social networks/blogs in return, it all helps. Thanks and enjoy!


“Decoder congratulates UK ambient label Hibernate Records, who will release their 50th album, Antonymes‘ There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay, later this month. To celebrate, they commissioned five Hibernate artists to create compilations featuring their own personal favorite pieces of music from past Hibernate albums. Isnaj Dui, Wil Bolton, Caught in the Wake Forever, Offthesky and Antonymes himself all took up the challenge, resulting in the free to download We Like Ambient series.

Since the release of Ian Hawgood’s Wolfskin back in 2009, Hibernate, which is based out of the Pennine wilderness of northern England, has gone from strength to strength. Artists like Félicia Atkinson, Tom White, Hakobune and Listening Mirror have all released music through the label down the years, and their albums are invariably beautiful in their presentation. In recent times Hibernate has expanded to include Rural Colours, a sister label specializing in limited edition 3″ CDs, and the Postcard Series in which musicians’ work comes attached to specially designed art cards.

The We Like Ambient compilations are all well worth a download, whether you’re new to the label or a seasoned fan in the mood for some dedicated Hibernate time. A great number of their releases are covered across the five volumes (stream a track from one of my favourites below), meaning every facet of the label is well accounted for – hopefully you can find something you enjoy.” – Decoder Magazine