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My exclusive track Frost is included on the compilation Elements 02.

Released by The Future Elements, 13 May 2013, and free to download from bandcamp or archive.org


“Listening is believing here guys. Words sometimes cannot describe music and trust me when I say you owe it to yourself on this one. [ Elements 02 ] is definitely the next BEST THING close to [ Radio Etiopia ]. Many sublime artists at your discovery. All together the entire playlist is ecstatic and breathless on an ambient / soundscape note. Needless to say… at your disposal for FREE as well. SO DO NOT SKIP.” – The Siren Sound

“Elements 02 (Future Elements) is a more compact offering than its predecessor, but it’s more focused as a result.  This time around, the selections remain on the more ambient side of the spectrum, which helps the compilation to flow like a single work.  Artists familiar to ACL readers include Wil Bolton, orbit over luna and Endless Melancholy, but with twenty tracks, there’s plenty to peruse.  An early highlight comes from India’s Twisted Perspective, whose “Nocturnal Sakura” offers a slightly ethnic flavor.  Man Watching the Stars‘ “Ballast” rests in a soft bed of strings.  As the album progresses, a few beats sneak in, as do post-rock elements, drawing comparisons to the Buddha Bar series.  These all lead to Qualia‘s sweet “Goodnight”, which eases the listener out like a gentle horse from a barn.” – A Closer Listen