Night Paths


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‘Night Paths’ is an album of dreamy ambience inspired by reveries of moonlit summer nights, walking aimlessly through forest paths. Made with a refined instrumental palette of electric guitar, analogue synthesizers and looper pedals, asynchronous loops and layers merge and collide in hypnotic lulling repetitions. An array of stomp box effects and crackling amp noise blur and disrupt these tones. Swathes of gauzy reverb and woozy delays and chorusing effects evoke daydreams and soft-focus memories.

Released 1 September 2017 by Hidden Vibes in two CD editions – a regular edition of 100 in a burgundy paper sleeve with silver lettering and a deluxe edition of 50 in a purple clothbound case with a metal shield. Also available digitally.

Mastered by Ian Hawgood at Mokoshi
Artwork by Lita Akhmetova
Thanks to Soo, Oleksiy, Ian and Lita

Hidden Vibes HV043


“Wil Bolton‘s discography reads like a Who’s Who of ambient labels with his work appearing in recent years by names that will be very familiar to readers here such as Fluid Audio, Home Normal, Eilean, Dronarivm, Dauw, Sound in Silence, and Audio Gourmet. Next month he can add Ukraine-based Hidden Vibes to the list. Those familiar with Bolton’s work will know that prolificacy does not equate to homogeneity; each album has its own distinct narrative and textural motifs. What distinguishes Night Paths from his most recent output is the prominence of the pure guitar tones and a shift away from the crepuscular and opaque in favor of glistening webs and lush, arpeggiated waves of looping sound. These seven tracks comprise a dreamy soundscape, a shimmering miasma of strings, amps, pedals, chorus, and reverb. Always beguiling and immersive, this is also Bolton at perhaps his most pastoral and soothing; a must-have for ambient guitar connoisseurs.” – Stationary Travels

“Duvet-strength warm ambient from Wil Bolton, whose previous records for the likes of Eilean, Home Normal and Sound in Silence have served as handcrafted comfort. Mastered by dronefather Ian Hawgood, Night Paths sees a return to Bolton’s setup of processed guitar, synths and loops, all coming together in one woozy, snoozy textural mass.” – Norman Records

“Wil Bolton displays a wide array of lovely colors on the serenity of “Night Paths”. A contemplative air lightly graces the entirety of the album. Songs effortlessly drift into each other making the entire album feel akin to a joyous symphony. Melodies linger in the mind long after they are over. Throughout the album, Wil Bolton utilizes great skill as he blends together ambient, post-rock, classical, and a hint of folk into the proceedings. Such a great deal of attention allows for every single moment to glide by ever so softly.

“Yesterday’s Clouds” opens with a pristine crystal clarity. Guitar work possess the utmost of care. Small effects add to the blissful radiant hues. Layer upon layer interact with such care as the song builds up into something magnificent. Much murkier with its temperament “A Garden, Lost” goes down the rabbit hole as the song resides more heavily in deeper bass registers. Elements of a long -lost spaghetti western permeate “Night Paths” the title track. Miniature glitches add to the lovely style for it unfolds with such delicacy. By far the highlight of the album rests with the languid tempo of “Glint”. Delving into almost a shoegaze-like lullaby the song takes its time in transforming into something so simply spellbinding. Continuing down this illustrious path “One Summer” feels downright lush as it ebbs and flows with such life. Effortlessly merging all that came before it “Single Coil” closes the album on a high note.

On “Night Paths” Wil Bolton opts for a mystical, gorgeous pastoral quality.” – Beach Sloth

“Basking in the ambiance of natural compositions, Wil Bolton creates more than just music. Wil Bolton creates the textures that surround the ever day norm of life, and has continued to do just that with Night Paths. From the opening swells of “Yesterday’s Clouds” to the bursting chimes of “Glint,” it is clear there is a detailed sense of drone creativity littered into the record. A therapy session upon every listen, Night Paths is surely a record that will find the emotional sides of life and accent them with a unique and gifted soundtrack. Either that or Wil Bolton will help write the story of one’s life with the clarity of a epiphany.” – New Noise Magazine