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My new album Marram is out now on Fluid Audio. It features Edward Farrow on clarinet and Christoph Berg on violin. A huge thanks to them both, and to Dan for releasing this for me and doing such a wonderful job on the artwork and packaging!

Inspired by the windswept Scottish highlands, ‘Marram’ is three things:

Wil Bolton’s new album for Fluid Audio, a long grass that holds sand dunes together and a palindrome…

Born of loops taken from vintage classical records, with parts sourced from classical guitar, glockenspiel, chime bars and analogue monosynth, ‘Marram’ also features clarinet by Edward Farrow and violin by Christoph Berg.

These crackling drones and overlapping textures form both a development and departure for Bolton, with an uncharacteristic absence of field recordings. Instead, it sees a confident expansion into densely arranged modern classical/electro-acoustic elements.

Immersive, layered and moving, ‘Marram’ is a maudlin calm to an inner dialogue’s storm.

Released by Fluid Audio on CD, in an edition of 150, 11 May 2015

Packaged in a letter-pressed 4 panel Somerset Cotton cover with letter-pressed Somerset Cotton belly band, letter-pressed envelope, hand typed-numbered tag, vintage map and photo slide of Scotland, distressed glassine bag, dried flowers (Red Rowan), scent and download code.

Music: Wil Bolton
Guests: Christoph Berg & Edward Farrow
Mastering: James Plotkin
Design: Daniel Crossley



“I am still kicking myself for missing out on the physical edition of this Fluid Audio release which came in an artful, bespoke package that included vintage maps and photos from Scotland. The album, with a palindromic title that refers to the long grass that holds sand dunes together, was inspired by the windswept Scottish Highlands and was constructed from loops taken from vintage classical records, with parts sourced from classical guitar, glockenspiel, chime bars and analogue monosynth. It also features lovely performances on clarinet by Edward Farrow and violin by Christoph Berg (aka Field Rotation).

The blend of sonic artistry with rich modern classical elements is sublime and evocative. However much one might bemoan missing out on the tactile pleasure of the holding the maps, photos, and dried flowers, this music deserves to be heard in any way possible.” – Stationary Travels