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The debut release by Le Moors, my collaborative project with Jeff Stonehouse (Listening Mirror), is out now on Hibernate Recordings. It’s available both digitally and on 3″ postcard CDR, in a numbered edition of 100.

Le Moors is a new collaborative project formed of hibernate favourite’s Wil Bolton and Jeff Stonehouse aka Listening Mirror. The name ‘Le Moors’ is a play on the names of both artists. The town of Bolton was originally known as Bolton Le Moors and the initials of Listening Mirror and Le Moors (LM) are the same, so it seemed an apt name for the project. Their debut ep ‘Multi-filament’ is comprised of layers of treated drones overlaid first with the ‘wind driven’ guitar and piano of Jeff Stonehouse, followed by the distinctive treated guitar sounds of Wil Bolton. Jeff and Wil recently performed together as ‘Le Moors’ at Cafe OTO in London as part of our ‘Paws For Thought’ event, and are currently putting the finishing touches to their first album.

Mastered by Wil Bolton
Cover photography by Katie English
Hibernate postcard series no 27, released 17 January 2014


“Hibernate’s extremely successful post card series started the label’s activity for 2014 this week, and already this one has sold out. Hibernate have made two of these exquisite 3″ CDr + postcard releases available for purchase today and both have sold out already! This is of very little surprise due to the design and calibre of artists involved but fortunately it is available digitally.

The first of the two is a collaboration between two extremely talented modern ‘ambient’ or electro acoustic (if you prefer) artists, Jeff Stonehouse (Listening Mirror) and Wil Bolton. Together, they record as Le Moors and Multi-Filament is a stirring long-form piece which you won’t want to end. These artists have taken great care in building this soundscape with echoing noise, licks of stuttering guitar and warm drones.” – Irregular Crates

“The other new release is on Hibernation Postcard Series: a series of 3″CDR releases, with the cover of a postcard size, in an edition of 100 copies. Behind Le Moors we also find Wil Bolton, but now together with Jeff Stonehouse, and they recorded their almost twenty-four minute piece ‘Multi-Filament’ in April 2012. It seems to me a duet for guitar and piano, and lots and lots of electronics. Primarerly the loop devices they use to create that hot bed of warm drones of endless sustaining sounds, which they use to play their music on top over. A free strum on the guitar, with a fall out of time stretched sounds, and the piano playing chords. All of this comes with extra delay and other synthesis, which makes this slightly more rough edged than the Ashlar release, although both of them seem rather to be loosely improvised rather than strictly composed, and Le Moors more than Ashlar. Very minimal in development, it meanders and meanders, until the very end, in which only a few piano notes are left behind. It’s still raining outside, it’s still winter and it’s still warm inside the house. We like ambient too.” – Vital Weekly