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My track Migvie is featured on this compilation on new netlabel Assembly Field. The release also includes tracks by Darren Harper, Sima, David Newlyn, Pleq & Josco, Damien Valles and others.

Released as a free download by Assembly Field, 20 January 2013


“Getting a foothold in the netlabel world is hard, really hard. To make yourself stand out in a veritable sea of creative commons labels you really have to hit the nail right on the head with your first release. For a start-up netlabel the challenge is tough, and Assembly Field netlabel is facing that challenge with a compilation release of experimental and drone heavyweights. At first glance of the track list you see some seasoned composers, some who are quite established in the commercial side of experimental music. The likes of Wil Bolton and David Newlyn both make appearances here, as well as some lesser known but equally as talented composers.

Darren Harper opens up the affair with a static, floating drone. The drone itself sounds like an unending, time stretched orchestra if you listen real close, with a bunch of warming crackle surrounding it. Following is Sima Kim with a plaintive piano track that meanders blissfully, bathed in lo-fidelity. It is not all warm though, Pleq and Josco collaborate on a seriously dark and ominous track which makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand, heart beats plodder in half way through as a deep bass warble plunders your speakers.

Perhaps my favourite track of the bunch is by Tone Color. ’061′ is a shimmering cacophony of field recordings, blissful drones and deep undertones that carry you away to whatever your special place may be, mine is a beach in Thailand, but this track will take you were you want to go. This is a strong first release for this new experimental label and hints at bigger things to come. I can only hope that they continue to release high quality recordings and promote both established and newer artists all the same.” – netlablism.com