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Video/sound Installation 2012

백령도 is a video and sound piece created during my artist residency at the Incheon Art Platform, South Korea (August 2012) for the exhibition Sea of Peace. It was inspired by my experience of Baengnyeong-do, a beautiful and peaceful island with a tense and tragic history. Due to its proximity to North Korea, this island is used as a base for the South Korean military, and was the site of the sinking of the Cheonan warship by a North Korean torpedo in 2010.

This work contrasts two different representations of the sea around the island. The video element was shot from a boat near the island and shows the drama and violence of crashing waves and the reflection of the island in the rippling water. This is juxtaposed with sound recorded on a beach on the island, the waves ebbing and flowing through the pebbles here being more gentle and peaceful. This audio is also layered with tones made from processed chimes, whose resonant and harmonic character provides a sound which is both hypnotic and soothing, yet with a somewhat menacing undertow.

Through this work I wish to explore the duality of the sea and the history of the island, contrasting peace and violence, harmony and discord, creation and destruction.