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Angel in the House sees Distant Noise artists and good friends Wil Bolton and Tarl Broad-Ashman work together on a longform track, beautifully presented on a 3″ postcard CDR.  The track began life with Tarl recording a warm, immersive synthesizer part, to which Wil added treated electric guitar and analogue synthesizer tones and blended in a subtle field recording.  The resultant track shows the artists’ mutual love of both early 90s shoegaze and dream pop, and of more contemporary ambient and soundscape music, enveloping the listener in deep, droning, blissful waves of sound.

Released by Distant Noise Records on 3″ CDR, in an edition of 100, 4 March 2012

Written and produced by Wil Bolton & Tarl Broad-Ashman
Photography and mastering by Wil Bolton

Distant Noise Records DN015


“Whoop Whoop, there’s an angel in the house! Can you hear it? Probably not unless you’re listening to this CD by Wil Bolton & Tarl Broad Ashman (runs the Distant Noise label). That was a cheesey opener! Here Wil & Tarl collaborate to make a fine little 3” disc of ambient drones and soundscapes packaged onto a nippled postcard. The rather ghostly spectral image gives you some idea of what lies within the music. You get one 18 minute track of ambient droney business which is a gorgeous listen. Waves of etherealness pulse through a droney soundscape leaving you absolutely no choice at all but to just chill and relax. It’s absolutely beautiful and one of the best droney type things I’ve heard in ages. Quite pastoral in places you’ll find it an uplifting listen whilst retaining it’s 100” ethereality (which is my new word for the day). Thoroughly lovely!!” – Norman Records