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Static Loop layers recordings of analogue TV static and processed digital synthesizer loops. It was created for the compilation CD Grey Is The Colour Of Hope.

Compiled by Alan Dunn, artist and Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, this CD takes its cue from the manners in which the colour grey has been used in literature, art and design from the Old Testament to the present day. It brings together new audio works from students and staff in the School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design alongside artists’ compositions and archival material, including works by Bill Drummond, Gerhard Richter, Leadbelly and Lydia Lunch.

Dunn’s accompanying essay traces a personal interest in the colour, referencing Irina Ratushinskaya’s prison journal Grey is the Colour of Hope, John Major and late 1800’s photographs of Glasgow.

Released by cantaudio on digipak CD, in an edition of 1000, 2010